Roy Sainsbury Guitarist


Roy Sainsbury, who lives in England, is a superb, world-class guitarist, but more that this, he is a musician. He creates music . . . that often touches you with its beauty. In this album, he does it all. The album ranges from straight ahead jazz-"In A Mellow Tone," "Round Midnight," "Autumn Leaves" and "Stella by Starlight" to the poignant "Londonderry Air" (Danny Boy). The title song, "My Foolish Heart," is beautifully arranged and executed as is "My Romance". Imagine my pleasure when I heard Barry Galbraith's wonderful arrangement of this song played so musically. Barry, my friend mentor and teacher, would have loved what Roy did with this arrangement of "My Romance!" rs-g1.jpg - 29360 Bytes

"Smooth" is a word that comes to mind when listening to Roy's album, but just when you are floating away on smooth waves of music, Roy will sit you up with a blisteringly fast fill - always appropriate and flawlessly executed. Roy pays attention to tone. He gets a balanced, clear and beautiful tone that makes each note mean something. Just when you think you've got him pigeon holed, along comes "Chicken A La Swing," the sparkling, difficult, traditional jazz piece by McDonough and Kress. Some pieces, like the above "duet" are double tracked-Roy playing with Roy-but he is so smooth that he makes it sound like two players.

Influenced by Johnny Smith and Barney Kessel, Roy has wonderful harmonic ideas. The full chords in the opening few bars of Londonderry Air made my ears stand up like Mr. Spock. "Wow!" thought. Come to that ... "Wow!" pretty much sums up my feelings about this album!

Reviewed by: Allen Johnson, Jnr

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